Webinar Series

September 2017
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May 2017
Margaret Davide-Smith, Senior Operations and Grants Manager for ENVISION provides a brief overview of Fixed Obligation Grants (FOGs), a contractual mechanism used by the project to fund local NTD control program activities. Country experiences are shared from Cameroon, Nepal and Tanzania before a Q&A session. 
March 2017
This webinar provides an overview of the new IEC & Social Mobilization NTD Tool Kit, which leads users through a step-by-step process to systematically review, revise, develop and adapt current IEC materials and social mobilization approaches towards stronger, evidence-based practices in support of positive behavior change for MDA programs in the control of NTDs. Experiences from Ethiopia and Uganda are shared.
April 2016
Dr. Abdel Direny shares Haiti’s experience conducting transmission assessment surveys in Haiti, and poses the question of whether five rounds of MDA are necessary in all cases.  Next, Dr. Jean-Jacques Tougoue presents on behalf of Dr. Ibikounle on Benin’s experience using health communication tools to educate communities about NTDs, sharing findings from a recent evaluation.  And finally, Mr. Daniel Cohn presents on behalf of Mr. Roland Bougma on Burkina Faso’s experience assessing and improving LF MDA coverage.  
August 2015
Dr. Kumaraswami provides an overview of the new Handbook for managing adverse events following mass drug administration (AEs-f-MDA) and serious adverse events (SAEs), which prepares managers of preventive chemotherapy national neglected tropical disease (NTD) programs to effectively prepare for and manage SAEs and AEs.
July 2015
WHO provides an orientation for national program managers and partners on how to complete the Joint Application Package for NTDs. This package—due 15 August annually—includes essential forms for requesting donated drugs and reporting country achievements to WHO.  Next Dr. Uzoma Nwankwo from the Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria shares Nigeria’s experience implementing the Tool for Integrated Planning and Costing (TIPAC) and the Integrated NTD Database to generate and submit the Joint Application Package forms to WHO. 
June 2015
High coverage of preventive chemotherapy among at-risk populations is essential for the control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases as a public health problem.  Join us to hear an exploration of coverage, including issues faced by the Tanzania national NTD program and strategies implemented to address those challenges.    If you have a question about this webinar, email questions@ntdenvision.org

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