February 2018
Byenvini (Welcome) to Martin Luther College in Northern Haiti! During today’s class break, students are taking part in a survey to measure progress against lymphatic filariasis (LF), a neglected tropical disease that can cause lifelong disability and disfigurement. This photo story follows one young girl and her classmates as they take the simple blood test. So far, nearly 7 million people are no longer at risk for LF in Haiti thanks to mass treatment campaigns supported by USAID's ENVISION project.
April 2017
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) are a diverse group of diseases that affect more than 1 billion people - one-sixth of the world’s population – including an estimated 800 million children. NTDs almost exclusively impact poor people living in rural areas and urban slums of low-income countries. Women and children are especially at risk. For instance, due to their primary role as caretakers of children, women are more commonly affected by trachoma, which causes pain and blindness during the most productive years of life.
October 2016
The International Centre for Eye Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine recently teamed with FutureLearn to offer a free online course on Eliminating Trachoma. The course development was been supported by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, Sightsavers and International Coalition for Trachoma Control, As part of the course, Sharone Backers, ENVISION Resident Program Advisor in Mozambique, talks about her experiences planning and coordinating MDA in Mozambique. 
July 2016
In collaboration with the Indonesia Ministry of Health, ENVISION supported the production of a video to be used by district heath offices and health centers in training volunteers and mobilizing the community to take part in mass drug administration campaigns to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (LF).
June 2015
ENVISION is partnering with the Global Trachoma Mapping Project, the largest infectious disease mapping exercise in history, to complete trachoma mapping in 2015. Watch this short video to learn how a partnership of over 20 organisations is working to survey the global prevalence of the blinding disease trachoma, in just three years.
April 2015
Hookworm. It's a parasite that endangers 1 in 3 women in developing countries. This puts moms, and their babies, at risk.
April 2014
How do you get much-needed medicines to remote parts of the world? The NTD Supply Chain Forum is a collaboration between six pharmaceutical companies, various NGOs, WHO, DHL and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These parties are working together to improve the delivery of drugs and supplies to over 70 countries around the world affected by neglected tropical diseases.  

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