Technical Assistance Facility

The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is a mechanism for making experts available to provide on-demand strategic and technical support to national NTD programs. ENVISION designed the TAF to be flexible and responsive, with the level of effort determined by demand and coordinated through a small ENVISION management team accessing a broad range of consultant expertise. To date, TAF support has been utilized in 15 countries.

The TAF focuses on providing support to countries that are not currently receiving USAID NTD support. The TAF funds NTD-related activities that require special technical assistance outside the scope of current national program workplans. Activities must adhere to WHO guidelines and work with the national government systems.

  • Examples of activities the TAF can fund: surveys and mapping, disease specific assessment (DSA), data quality assessment (DQA), Transmission Assessment Surveys (TAS), coverage survey, LF dossier development, advocacy materials and strategy development, action plan development, database development, TIPAC implementation
  • Examples of activities the TAF cannot fund: vector control, water and sanitation improvement, stand-alone hygiene promotion, specific research, NTDs outside the scope of USAID funding

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