Technical Areas

Based on the WHO NTD roll-out package and the accomplishments from the earlier USAID-funded NTD Control Program (2006–2012), RTI and USAID designed the ENVISION project with the goal of supporting disease-endemic countries to control or eliminate seven NTDs. Through a package of technical and support functions, ENVISION aims to empower governments of endemic countries to lead and implement national NTD control programs and scale up the delivery of PC for targeted NTDs.

ENVISION supports NTD program implementation through the following technical areas:

To achieve ENVISION’s goal of strengthening NTD control at global and country levels, ENVISION engages with local, regional, and international stakeholders to provide technical, operational, and financial assistance and build capacity, ensuring that standard tools, techniques, and state-of-the-art approaches are used effectively. By influencing global policies and building local capacities and systems, ENVISION aims to foster efficient and sustained integrated NTD control beyond the life of the project. 

Several critical assumptions are considered during ENVISION’s work planning and implementation, including the continued availability of safe and effective donated drugs, the support of the global NTD community, the timing and availability of project funding, and the commitment and leadership of national NTD programs of endemic country governments. These assumptions speak to the importance of the project’s reputation and leadership throughout the NTD community and are continuously monitored by project management.

ENVISION also faces the risk of not reaching its targets due to political instability (e.g., as experienced in Mali during 2013–2014), disease outbreaks that affect national health care systems and the communities’ relationships with those systems (e.g., Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 affected ENVISION programming in several countries, specifically Guinea, Mali, and Nigeria), and other extraneous factors (e.g. the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and in Nepal in 2015 halted several activities for several months). 

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